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Kenwood Excelon XM160-2-98 Compact 2-Channel Harley Davidson Motorcycle Amplifier

Kenwood Excelon XM160-2-98 Compact 2-Channel Harley Davidson Motorcycle Amplifier

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  • Class D 2-Channel Power Amplifier
  • 80W x 2 @ 2 ohms (RMS)
  • No Radio Flash Required
  • Bypass Port For System Expansion
  • Plug & Play Power, Speaker, & Input Wiring
  • Speaker Level Input For HD OEM Radio or Any Aftermarket Receiver
  • Input Sensitivity Adjustment
  • High Efficiency Design Will Not Overload HD Electrical Systems
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • No Radio Flash Required

    This amplifier is tuned for the best performance with a stock Harley Davidson® or aftermarket radio.

  • Input Sensitivity Setting

    The input sensitivity adjustment exists to be able to properly level match an aftermarket receiver’s output if the OEM Harley Davidson® radio has been replaced (otherwise, we would have just removed and pre-set it!).

    With an OEM Harley Davidson® radio, the input sensitivity should be set at just past the halfway point for optimal sound as shown in the picture above.

    **Note** With this setting, the OEM Harley Davidson® radio can be turned up to 3 “clicks” from its max volume before the radio begins to distort.

  • Bypass Port For System Expansion

    Easily add additional amplifiers by connecting to the input/bypass harness.


Powerful Motorcycle Amplifier for Select 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Unleash the power of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle's audio system with the Kenwood Excelon XM160-2-98 power amplifier. Experience the exhilarating sound quality delivered by this powerful 2-channel amp, boasting an impressive 80 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms. Equipped with class D amplifier technology, it ensures clear, impactful, and distortion-free audio. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your motorcycle, the compact powerhouse of this amplifier offers a perfect fit in your fairing-equipped '98-'13 Harley. Its rugged durability ensures it can withstand the demands of the road, delivering reliable performance mile after mile. With versatile compatibility, the power amp effortlessly integrates with both factory radios and aftermarket receivers through its speaker-level inputs. Enhance your audio system with ease, allowing for customization and optimal sound quality. The installation process is made seamless as this amplifier can be mounted on your Harley using Kenwood Excelon CA-PLT98, Kenwood Excelon CA-PLT98RG, & Kenwood Excelon CA-PLT98RG2 custom-fit mounting plates (sold separately). As part of the renowned Kenwood Excelon series, this amplifier upholds the brand's reputation for excellence. With a wide range of high-performing car & motorcycle accessories, headsets, communication gadgets, and more, Kenwood is your trusted one-stop destination for all your technological needs. Unleash the true potential of your motorcycle's audio system with the Kenwood Excelon XM160-2-98 amplifier. Feel the power, hear the difference, and elevate your on-the-go entertainment experience to new heights

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